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MCDP Committees

Political Engagement

This committee is responsible for finding candidates and running the election including Getting Out the Vote (GOTV).

  • Precinct Delegate: Encourages members to attend local governmental meetings, finds Precinct Delelgate in their townships/city as a connection between Democratic Party and precinct.

  • Candidate Recruitment: Finds members to run for office.  

  • Campaign: Supports endorsed candidates with funding, communication, and is key to the GOTV effort in the county, state, and federal election in Mecosta County. Monitors fairness at the election polls.


This committee organizes and coordinates all social, fundraising and educational activities, and connecting with diverse people and groups/partners.   

  • Events: Plans and executes fundraisers, dinners, picnics, parades,  Meet & Greets, festivals, fairs, etc.

  • Program: Plans and executes community speakers and educational forums.

  • Community Engagement: Collaborates and encourages membership to engage with MDP caucuses and other Mecosta County community groups.


This committee is responsible for communication, both internal and external. They work on website (, social media (Facebook MCDP Page, Friends of Mecosta Dems group, and Instagram), email account (, and Newsletter. 


This committee encourages new members and keeps updated lists of members and friends. This committee works with the Voter Activation Network (VAN).


This committee prepares and maintains the MCDP budget, and is compliant with campaign finance laws, tax laws, and coordinates fundraising efforts. 

Goals and Resolutions

This committee sets the values, strategies and measurable goals for the MCDP for a two-year period.  It identifies and writes policy resolutions that are important issues to the MCDP members.

Rules and Bylaws

This committee maintains and suggests amendments to the rules and bylaws of the MCDP.  They also update the Procedural Document as needed.

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