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About the Mecosta County Democratic Party

The Mecosta County Democratic Party is an organization made up of engaged citizens who stand up for Democratic values and ideals in Mecosta County, the State of Michigan, and the United States of America. We support Democratic candidates running for local, state, and national elected office. We work to hold all elected officials accountable to our democratic values. As a local organization made of volunteers, we strive to engage with our community and anyone who shares the goals and values of the Democratic Party.

How is the Mecosta County Democratic Party organized?

The Mecosta County Democratic Party is led by the local County Committee that is elected by the local membership at the annual convention. The 2023-2025 Board can be found here

The work of the Mecosta County Democratic Party is conducted largely within our committees. Our current list of committees is as follows:

  • Executive Committee - The Executive Committee is made up of the Officers of the Board and meet as needed to address Executive business.

  • Communications Committee - The Communications Committee is responsible for communication, both internal and external to the organization. They update and maintain the website (, social media channels (Facebook Party page and Friends of the Party page), email (, Party Newsletter, etc.

  • Finance Committee - The Finance Committee prepares and maintains the Party budget, compliance with campaign finance laws, tax laws, and fundraising efforts.

  • Goals, Issues, and Resolutions Committee - The Goals, Issues, and Resolutions Committee identifies and sets goals for the MCDP. They identify policy resolutions for membership to vote on and send to the state and federal party. They maintain and update a roster of local political issues.

  • Political Engagement Committee - The Political Engagement Committee organizes all events and maintains materials for events. They also maintain a volunteer list for the Party.

    • Events Subcommittee - The Events Subcommittee plans and executes events such as fundraisers, dinners, picnics, parades, social meetings and campaign events, and others.

  • Outreach Committee - The Outreach Committee identifies groups and builds relationships that can enhance membership in the MCDP. They maintain a campaign list of elected positions as well as procedures to register and run for those positions. They encourage potential candidates to run.

    • Subcommittees: Previous subcommittees under the Outreach Committee include Campaign Assistance, Education, Environment, Unions, Membership, and Voter Activation Network (VAN).

  • Rules and Bylaws Committee - The Rules and Bylaws Committee maintains and suggests amendments as needed to the rules and bylaws of the Mecosta County Democratic Party.

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