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Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act; Senior Michiganders Blast Republicans For Voting Against Bill

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Courtesy of The Michigan Democratic Party

LANSING — Today, the Michigan Democratic Party hosted a roundtable with Michigan seniors to celebrate President Biden signing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 this week. Constituents of GOP Congressmen John Moolenaar (MI-02), Bill Huizenga (MI-04), and Tim Walberg (MI-05) also called out their representatives for voting against this bill which will help lower health care costs for seniors relying on Medicare.

Speakers highlighted how this new law—championed by every Michigan Democrat without the support of any Michigan Republicans—will cap out-of-pocket costs at $2,000 per year, cap insulin at $35/month, and protect Medicare for future generations. The online event can be viewed here.

“This bill is a great help for people who use Medicare. We need congressmen that will support us, that will do what they can to support health care, not just in Michigan, but across the nation because that lowers costs for everyone,” said Barbara Hammon, a resident of Kalamazoo County and constituent of Rep. Huizenga. “I don’t think Bill Huizenga will be any help to us. Most Republicans like him seem more interested in helping Big Pharma than people like me or my grandchildren, that’s why I’ll be voting for Democrat Joseph Alfonso this November.”

“Congress [in place] now, have been able to get things done that are going to benefit people not just today, but well into the future,” said John Helge, a resident of Manistee County and a constituent of Rep. Moolenaar. “I’m very excited about the ability for Medicare to negotiate on drug costs. Capping our drug costs at $2,000 is going to be a huge benefit for those of us who rely on Medicare. Meanwhile, John Moolenaar is doing nothing but voting the party line. Our representative in Washington isn’t listening to the people, doesn’t really connect with us, and is voting against all the best interests of the people in our district.”

“I’m so pleased that Democrats, by themselves, managed to pass this bill through both houses of Congress for President Biden to sign it. After paying into Social Security and Medicare my whole life, it’s important to me that we keep these programs solid,” said Bryon Ennis resident of Jackson County and constituent of Rep. Walberg. “My wife and I would have our lives turned upside down if we had to suddenly pay some of the huge hospital bills that have been covered by Medicare. It is because of the votes like radical conservatives like Tim Walberg that the future of our [benefits] are uncertain. I would take great pleasure in seeing him sent into retirement.”


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