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A Note from MCDP Chairperson, John Scott Gray

My friends,

Election Day 2022 has come and gone, and while votes are still being counted across the country, I wanted to offer a brief note of optimism and thanks.

Statewide, Democrats held onto many of the important positions we were so concerned about in the weeks leading up to November 8. These victories were headlined by a massive win by Gretchen Whitmer over her opponent, Tudor Dixon.

We also saw Proposition 3 pass by a healthy margin, a victory that so many of us worked hard to bring to pass. We should be proud of these accomplishments.

On the local level, while many of our Democratic candidates did not get the victory we were hoping for, we applaud their efforts and are proud of their work in reaching and connecting with local Democrats.

We still have a great deal of work to do to support candidates like these moving forward. I take solace in the fact that of the four counties in the MI 100th district, Mecosta gave Nate Bailey the highest percentage of the vote. There is something brewing here. Something we can build on moving forward.

Thank you so much to all the people who volunteered time, energy, and financial support to the Democratic Party. I also cannot express enough my admiration for those brave souls willing to put their names on ballots to try and stand up for all of us.

Take a deep breath. Now, the work toward 2024 begins. Know that we can do this together.

Be happy,


John Scott Gray

Chair, MCDP


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